The historical usages of reverse engineering

Published: 08th February 2011
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Reverse engineering and its traditional army uses

Reverse engineering can be described as process that is very widely used today in lots of sectors. It has its origins in manufacturing and it's also about looking at a whole product and engineering in reverse to discover its inner processes.

It was widely used during the war when enemy concepts was attained. They would used to open it all up to enable you to discover the way it has been designed.

Let's check out some of the uses of reverse engineering inside the military services.

Fuel-Jerry Can

U.K and US armed forces noticed and preferred the fuel can used by the german troops. So they reverse-engineered duplicates of these petrol containers. The carriers became generally named "Jerry cans" as the expression "Jerry" had been a rather unfriendly title for German people during the war. The UK army initially noticed the containers during the attack of Norway which had been in 1940. The army saw that this design and style was better and the structure strong. Distinctively the canisters currently have three handles and cross processed indentures.


A V2 was a long range air-borne rocket that had been created at the start of the 2nd WW in Germany that specially targeted spots like belgium and south-east Uk. Specialized files and drawings for the V2 rocket were seized by Allies in the end of the warfare.
German and USSR technicians that were seized were made to make blueprints while working from seized hardware, so as to make their identical copy of the rocket.

Bombing planes:

The Tupolev Tu-4 was a piston-engine strategic Soviet bomber that supported their air-force from your later nineteen forties right up to mid-1960s. It had been a reverse engineered copy of the us.-made airplane known as the Boeing B-29 Superfortress. The airplanes were acquired when, on a few different occasions throughout 1944 they had to make emergency landings in Soviet regions after air raids on Japanease land. The planes were thus kept by the Soviets, despite United states demands for there return. Furthermore this is how they carried out the reverse engineering.

And so here are 3 examples of engineering that have been reverse-engineered for army applications in the past. The world war was actually a breeding ground for such manufacturing as each side desired to get a lot better than the other and have better weaponary and devices. Reverse engineering is certainly a crucial engineering method which has grown and developed over all those years with more advanced items being analyzed.

In order to understand a good deal more have a look at reverse engineering.

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